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The Richard Yates

The Richard Yates collection primarily consists of manuscripts; some correspondence and printed items are also present. 理查德耶茨收集主要包括手稿,也存在一些信件和印刷品。

Manuscripts for books by Yates in the collection (all of which exist in multiple drafts and versions) include eleven short stories, written between 1947 and the 1960s (two were published, in Cosmopolitan and Transatlantic Review ); Revolutionary Road (Atlantic-Little, Brown, 1961); the short stories that compose Eleven Kinds of Loneliness , separately and as a the complete book (Atlantic-Little, Brown, 1962); Disturbing the Peace (Delacorte, 1975); The Easter Parade (Delacorte, 1976); A Good School (Delacorte, 1978); seven stories from the collection Liars In Love (Delcorte, 1981); Young Hearts Crying (Delacorte, 1984); a screenplay adaptation of William Styron's Lie Down in Darkness (1985); Cold Spring Harbor (Delacorte, 1986); a script proposal titled The World on Fire (1989); and Uncertain Times (an unfinished novel). 在收集书籍耶茨(所有这些在多个草案和版本存在)的手稿,包括11个,在1947年和20世纪60年代(两个人 在丽都和跨大西洋的 审查,出版)写的短篇小说,革命之路(大西洋小 ,布朗,1961);短篇小说组成11种寂寞 ,单独作为一个完整的书(大西洋小,布朗,1962年); 扰乱治安 “(Delacorte,1975年);复活节游行(Delacorte,1976年) ; 良好的学校 (Delacorte,1978年);七个故事在爱情的收集说谎者 (Delcorte,1981年); 年轻的心哭泣 (Delacorte,1984年);一个威廉斯泰伦的李群在黑暗中向下 (1985年)的剧本改编,冷春港( Delacorte ,1986);脚本提案,题为“世界消防(1989年); 和不确定的时代(一个未完成的小说) 。

Other items in the collection consist of a contract for Revolutionary Road dated July 19, 1960; several letters from Yates to various individuals (1967-1992), including many to Geoffrey Clark and Henry DeWitt; an interview with Yates; and a cassette recording of an interview with Yates (1971). 在收集的其他项目包括为1960年7月19日 ,革命之 路的合同;与耶茨接受采访时,从耶茨各种个人(1967年至1992年),其中包括许多杰弗里克拉克和亨利德威特几个字母和盒式录音耶茨采访(1971年)。

Biography传记 There are some authors who enjoy critical acclaim but for whatever reason do not make the leap to popular success. 有一些作者享受备受好评,但无论出于何种原因不作流行成功的飞跃。 One such writer was Richard Yates (1926 - 1992) whose work was championed by such diverse individuals as Tennessee Williams, William Styron, Dorothy Parker and Kurt Vonnegut. 一个这样的作家理查德耶茨(1926年- 1992年),他们的工作是由田纳西威廉姆斯,威廉Styron,多萝西帕克和库尔特冯内古特等多样化的个人倡导 。 His first of his seven published novels, Revolutionary Road (Atlantic/Little, Brown, 1961), earned praise as a masterpiece of realism, garnered a nomination for the National Book Award, and sold a respectable ten thousand copies. 他第一次他的七个出版的 小说,“ 革命之路”(大西洋/小,布朗,1961年),作为一个现实主义的杰作赢得了好评,囊括了国家图书奖提名,并卖出一个可敬的10万份。 He followed up with an equally well-received collection of short stories, Eleven Kinds of Loneliness (Atlantic/Little, Brown, 1962), but the general public did not seem to want to read his work, which some deemed too depressing. 他跟进短篇小说同样深受欢迎的收集 ,孤独的 11种(大西洋/小,布朗,1962年),但广大市民似乎并不想读他的作品,其中一些人认为太令人沮丧。 The perceived failure of his work, coupled with bouts of alcoholism and mental illness that plagued him in his adult life, consigned Yates to the margins of literary circles. 他的工作的失败,再加上酗酒和精神疾病困扰他在他的成人生活的较量,委托耶茨文坛的边缘 。

Born on February 2, 1926 in Yonkers, New York, Richard Walden Yates was the son of Vincent Matthew Yates and his wife, the former Ruth Maurier.生于1926年2月2日,在纽约扬克斯,中,理查德瓦尔登耶茨的儿子文森特马修耶茨和他的妻子,前露丝里埃。 His father had studied to be a concert singer but ended up working as a salesman for General Electric, while his mother, following her 1929 divorce, attempted to support her two children (Yates and his sister) with an unsuccessful career as a sculptor.研究他的父亲是一个歌手演唱会,但作为通用电气公司的业务员工作,而他的母亲,她1929年离婚后,尝试不成功的职业生涯作为一个雕塑家,以支持她的两个孩子(耶茨和他的妹妹)。 He was raised in Manhattan, Scarsdale and Cold Spring Harbor.他提出在曼哈顿,斯卡斯代尔和冷泉港。 After securing a scholarship, Yates attended Avon Old Farms School, a boarding facility in Connecticut.确保了奖学金后,耶茨出席雅芳老农场学校,在康涅狄格州的寄宿设施。 By his junior year, he was editing the school newspaper.到大三那年,,他编辑学校报纸。 Graduating in 1944, he was drafted into the US Army and served as an infantryman in Belgium and France, where he was a participant in the Battle of the Bulge, during which he contracted pleurisy.在1944年毕业后,他应征加入美国陆军,并担任过步兵在比利时和法国,在那里他在猛涨,在此期间,他承包胸膜炎争斗的参与者。 Refusing medical attention, he continued to fight until he collapsed; the incident left his lungs in a weakened condition for the rest of his life.他拒绝就医,继续战斗,直到他倒塌事件离开了他的肺部在余生的减弱条件。

Returning to the United States in 1946, Yates settled in Greenwich Village and attempted to live a bohemian life while pursuing a writing career.在1946年返回美国,耶茨定居在格林威治村,并试图过着放荡不羁的生活,而追求的写作生涯。 Two years later at a party, he met Sheila Bryant, whom he would marry a few months later.两年后,在一次聚会上,他遇到了希拉科比,他会娶了几个月后。 Tensions arose fairly early in the marriage, though, when Yates was fired from his job at the United Press and his pregnant wife was forced to accept a secretarial position to support them.紧张局势出现了相当早,不过,在婚姻时,耶茨从他的工作被解雇在美国新闻和他怀孕的妻子被迫接受一个秘书的位置,以支持他们。 Shortly after the birth of his first daughter, Sharon, Yates contracted tuberculosis and spent almost two years in treatment at a veterans' hospital.他的第一个女儿,沙龙的诞生后不久,耶茨染上肺结核,花了近两年,在一家退伍军人医院治疗。 Using his recovery time to read and learn – he later referred to the period as his “college education” – he began to formulate the story for what would become his first novel.用他的恢复时间,阅读和学习 - 他后来被称为他的“大学教育”期间 - 他开始制订什么将成为他的第一部小说的故事。

Once discharged, Yates received a disability pension and he moved to Europe for a few years where he began his literary endeavors in earnest.出院后,耶茨收到一个残疾退休金和他搬到了几年到欧洲,在那里,他开始认真他的文学事业。 He sold eight short stories to various publications, including “Jody Rolled the Bones” to The Atlantic Monthly, which earned a prize from the magazine and attracted the attention of Seymour Lawrence, who would later become his editor.他卖掉了8个短篇小说的各种出版物,包括“乔迪轧制的骨头”大西洋月刊“, 从杂志获得的奖品,吸引了西摩劳伦斯的注意力,谁以后会成为他的编辑。 In 1956, Yates submitted a partial draft for a novel which some of the editors felt was too derivative of Sloan Wilson's The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. Still, with Lawrence's encouragement, Yates reworked the material and numerous drafts later, the novel was published in 1961 as Revolutionary Road . 1956年,耶茨提交一个一个新颖其中一些编辑感到太多 的灰色法兰绒西装的 男人“(斯隆威尔逊)衍生部分草案仍然与劳伦斯的鼓励,,耶茨返工的材料和无数的草稿后 ,小说被出版在1961年 革命之路 。 By this time, though, his marriage had ended. 不过,到了这个时候,他的婚姻已经结束。

With the publication of an anthology of his short stories, Yates appeared to be on his way to a substantial literary career.耶茨随着他的短篇小说选集的出版,似乎是对他的方式,以大量的文学生涯。 His stories, many of which depicted the extent of self-deception in which individuals indulge, were well-written and marked him as a potent observer of postwar American life.他的故事,其中许多描述个人放纵自我欺骗的程度,写得很好,并注明他作为战后美国生活的强有力的观察员。 But audiences found his themes of disillusionment and failure to be perhaps too close to home.但观众发现他的失望和失败或许太接近家的主题。 Instead of embracing his work, the general public remained indifferent.而不是拥抱他的工作,广大市民仍然无动于衷。

Like some writers, including his idol F. Scott Fitzgerald, Yates tried his hand in Hollywood.一些作家,包括他的偶像菲茨杰拉德一样,耶茨试图在好莱坞他的手。 He was hired to adapt William Styron's novel Lie Down in Darkness for the director John Frankenheimer, but like many films, the project fell through.他被聘为适应威廉Styron的小说,躺在 黑暗的导演约翰海默,但很多电影一样,项目告吹 。 Yates then accepted a post as a speech writer for Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, although he bristled somewhat at the idea of being a writer for hire. 耶茨然后接受了作为总检察长罗伯特肯尼迪的演讲稿撰写人后,虽然他作为一个作家租用的想法有点毛。

In 1964, Yates was invited to join the teaching faculty at the University of Iowa's famed Writers' Workshop. 1964年,耶茨被邀请参加在爱荷华州的“著名作家工作坊大学教学师资队伍。 Despite his alcoholism, he proved to be an excellent instructor, but the strain of the job affected his writing and his second semi-autobiographical novel, A Special Providence (Knopf, 1969), suffered.尽管他酗酒,他被证明是一个很好的教练,但工作的压力影响了他的写作和他的第二个半自传体小说,一个 特殊的普罗维登斯(克诺夫,1969年) ,遭受。 It was both a critical and financial failure, although Yates looked upon the experience as a chance for learning. 这是一个关键和财务失败,虽然耶茨的经验基础上看作是一个学习的机会。 He had also embarked on a second marriage to the former Martha Speer in 1968. 他还着手在第二次婚姻在1968年的前玛莎施佩尔。

Despite numerous personal setbacks over the next several years, Yates continued writing.尽管在未来的几年无数个人的挫折,耶茨继续写作。 In 1971, he was denied tenure at Iowa and for the remainder of his life had to scrounge to find teaching positions. 1971年,他被剥夺了在爱荷华州的任期,并为他的生活剩下攒够找到教学岗位。 Word of his heavy drinking and his precarious mental health adversely affected his teaching career.字他酗酒,他岌岌可危的心理健康产生不利影响他的教学生涯。 Suffering from bipolar disease (then called “manic depression”), Yates often suffered emotional breakdowns during stressful moments.患有双极性疾病(当时称为“躁狂抑郁症”),耶茨经常遭受情感故障,在紧张的时刻。 This took a toll on his marriage and in 1975, he and Speer divorced.这花了他的婚姻的收费,并于1975年,他和斯皮尔离婚。

Still, he managed to produce fiction, including his third novel Disturbing the Peace (Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1975), which was followed in fairly quick succession by The Easter Parade (Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1976) and the autobiographical A Good School (Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1978).尽管如此,他产生小说,包括他的第三本小说扰乱 治安(Delacorte /西摩劳伦斯,1975年),这是相当 临门复活节 游行“(Delacorte /西摩劳伦斯 ,1976)和一个 好学校的自传( Delacorte /西摩劳伦斯,1978年)。 A second anthology of short stories, Liars in Love (Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence), was published in 1981. 一个是在1981年出版的短篇小说, 在爱的 说谎者(劳伦斯Delacorte /西摩),第二文选 。

Yates, who often has been referred to as a chronicler of disappointed lives, managed to write two more novels for publication, Young Hearts Crying (Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1984) and Cold Springs Harbor (Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1986) before his death at age 66 on November 7, 1992 in Birmingham, Alabama following minor surgery.耶茨,他们往往被称为失望生活的编年史,写两个小说出版, 年轻的心哭泣 (Delacorte /西摩劳伦斯,1984年)和 冷泉港 (Delacorte /西摩劳伦斯,1986年他去世前) 1992年11月7日,66岁在阿拉巴马州伯明翰市以下小手术。 At the time of his passing, he was working on a novel about the Kennedy administration entitled Uncertain Times . 在他逝世的时候,他正在上一个 题为“ 不确定时期的肯尼迪政府小说。