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《Ruling from the Dragon Throne: Costume of the Qing Dynasty》 (1644-1911)

作者:John E. Vollmer

内容提要: Toward the end of nearly 2,000 years of imperial rule in China, the last dynasty, designated Qing, was led by the ethnically and culturally distinct Manchu people. The Manchu established a political organization using clothing fashioned after their nomadic roots to signify status and identity. Author John E. Vollmer details the characteristics of Manchu dynasty costume and its political, social, and cultural significance and influence in Chinese history. Included are descriptions of the various 

作者介绍: John E. Vollmer, one of the leading authorities on late imperial Chinese costume, is president of Vollmer Cultural Partnerships, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in exhibition design and gallery and museum planning, with offices in New York and Toronto. He was curator of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, until 1983.